It’s all because of you
I’m feelin’ sad and blue
You went away now my life is just a rainy day
And I luv you so how much you’d never know
You gone away and left me lonely

Untouchable memories seem to keep haunting me
Now love so true that once turned my Gray skies blue
But you disappeared
Now my eyes are filled with tears
And I’m wishing you were here with me

Ahh Sought with love all my thoughts of you
Now that you’re gone I just don't know what to do
If only you were here
you wash away my tears

The sun will shine once again you’ll be mine oh mine
but in reality you and I will never be
cuz you took your love away from me

Oh girl I don't know what I did to make you leave
But I know is that since you’d been gone
there such an emptiness inside of me
I wish you come back to me

Ahh Babe you took your love away from me

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